Comics legend Diane Noomin joins Graphic Details!


We’re thrilled to announce that comics pioneer Diane Noomin, creator of “bubble-haired, fishnet-clad broad from Brooklyn” Didi Glitz and an original contributor to Wimmen’s Comix, will participate in Graphic Details.

Diane created the first Twisted Sisters Comix with Aline Kominsky Crumb in 1976. She has also been published in Arcade, Titters, El Perfecto ( benefit comic for Tim Leary) Weirdo, Choices, Young Lust, Lemme Outta Here, Strip Aids-USA,Twisted Sisters -An Anthology of Bad Girl Art, Twisted Sisters: Drawing the Line, The New Comix Anthology, Real Girl, Dangerous Drawings, Mind Riot:Coming of Age in Comics, True Glitz and The Nation.

Her autobiographical work includes acclaimed stories “Babytalk”, “Coming of Age in Canarsie“, and “Life in the Bagel Belt.”


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