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Jewesses with Attitude profiles Graphic Details artist Laurie Sandell!

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“I never planned to cartoon professionally… I just kind of fell into it. I was working at Glamour and drew a card for the editor-in-chief to congratulate her on the birth of her daughter. She then asked me to pitch her some cartoon ideas. That led to my graphic memoir, and later, graphic profiles for New York Magazine and The Wall Street Journal”

It’s hard to believe the phenomenal The Impostor’s Daughter is Laurie Sandell‘s debut graphic novel.  Don’t miss this interview with her in Jewesses with Attitude, the latest in a series on Graphic Details artists.

What would Sylvia think of Scott Adams?

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The great Nicole Hollander has weighed in on l’affaire Scott Adams with “a heartfelt letter from one cartoonist to another” in Salon.  The Dilbert creator posted a hateful anti-woman rant on his blog last week; the post has since been deleted.

“I’m completely fine with earning only 80 cents for every dollar you do, I’ll let you order first at any restaurant and I’ll even open the door for you. But I can’t promise not to lose my grip and slam it on your fingers.”

Read more.

So that’s why those jokes sound familiar….

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This just in:  Jewish humor was born 350 years ago.

“It happened on one day in July 1661 when the badkhn — a kind of cruel court jester in East European Jewish life — was spared a ban on merrymakers.  We’re funny because of the badkhn,” UC Berkeley Professor Mel Gordon tells JTA.

“A Modest Proposal in Defense of Free Speech: Publish cartoons offensive to every religion”

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We agree with Jagdish Bhagwati in The New Republic on this one.  It’s part of an essay on free speech and the “outrage” over Islam-themed cartoons:

“The solution has to be to print these cartoons, but publish alongside them some of the equally mocking cartoons against other faiths—such as Catholics and Hindus, for instance—which are readily available.

“That would drive home the point that the key issue is not hostility to Islam, but affirmation of the freedom of expression, on which we will not compromise; that mockery, jest, and ridicule against any and every religion are part of the fabric of our life that we will defend without compromise.”

Dilbert creator’s lame blog post infuriates women – and all thinking people

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We always thought Dilbert was a lame comic.  Now, it turns out its lipless, shaygetzy creator‘s kind of lame, too.  Check out this blog post by Scott Adams about so-called men’s rights.  But be warned you’re going to want to punch a wall – or Scott Adams.

Second film based on Marjane Satrapi comic to enter production, IndieWire says

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We loved Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical comics about Iran before and after the revolution,  as well as the animated feature it inspired.

So we’re thrilled about IndieWire‘s report that Satrapi’s Chicken with Plums is set for production:

“The duo behind Persepolis are tackling another one Satrapi graphic novel, this time in a live-action adaptation.

“Chicken with Plums will hope to have the same impact as their previous film, the animated Persepolis, which won the Cannes Jury Prize in 2007. The story revolves around a depressed musician during the last week of his life.”  Read more.

Must-see: “Ten ‘Sexy’ Super-Heroine Costumes That Really Aren’t”

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Hilarious column, with even better pictures, on ComicsAlliance.  We hadn’t even heard of BoomBoom or Witchblade (above). Read more.