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Next up for Graphic Details: October opening at NYC’s Yeshiva U. Museum

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As you may have read, Graphic Details travels to NYC in October, where we’ll open at the prestigious Yeshiva University Museum.  It’s on 16th St. just west of Fifth Ave., not far from Union Square.  If you haven’t been, check out this thought-provoking show that’s up now; artist Sebastian Mendes makes dense, complicated drawings that are actually made up of names of refugees rescued by his grandfather.  Read more.

Comics are powerful teaching tool about the Holocaust, says The Jewish Week

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“In our medium-is-the-message world, the graphic novel (comic book, to an older generation) may end up being the vehicle to carry the memory of the Holocaust to younger people,” writes the Jewish Week.

Graphic Details includes pages from Bernice Eisenstein’s award-winning I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors, as well as work by Miriam Katin, whose We Are On Our Own tells of her own family’s escape from Hungary during the war.

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Best comic wife/mother: Doonesbury’s Kim Rosenthal, says columnist

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The best “comic wife/mom” ever is “Kim Rosenthal, the Jewish-raised Vietnamese orphan from Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury,” and it’s not even close,” according to Mike Christopherson of the Crookston Times in a weird but amusing column.

Other contenders:  Blondie, the mother in Baby Blues, and Lois of Hi and Lois.  Oy.

“The People of the Joke”

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Fun Huffington Post essay by Bob Mankoff – The New Yorker’s esteemed cartoon editor – on how “The People of the Book eventually became much better known as The People of the Joke,” complete with some terrific cartoons.

“While of course all political cartoons are caricatures, female politicians’ femininity (or lack thereof) is the dominant quality”

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Interesting essay in Boston University’s online magazine, BUQuad, about portrayals of women in media and cartoons:

“Women… are always gendered in discourse and media. What does that mean? Women’s gender is always ‘a thing,’ and men’s gender is not.

“Consider how politicians like Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton are portrayed in political cartoons. Palin is portrayed as curvy and ‘hot,’ while Clinton is portrayed as butch and ‘manly’.

“While of course all political cartoons are caricatures, female politicians’ femininity (or lack thereof) is the dominant quality. Male politicians’ gender goes unnoticed; instead, cartoons emphasize their unique physical features.”

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Charlotte Salomon exhibit opens in San Francisco

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An exhibit of Charlotte Salomon‘s work competed with a giant comics convention in San Francisco last week, the Forward reports:

“I would like to report that all the comic book readers paraded a few blocks across town to pay homage to Salomon’s landmark project, Life? or Theatre?, after hearing that her gouaches painted in 1942 anticipated contemporary graphic novels and the films based on them,” Joel Schechter writes.  “Regrettably few of the comic book acolytes left their convention center, as far as I know.”

Graphic Details artist Bernice Eisenstein was one of three literary artists from around the world who “chose” Salomon’s work last year at Amsterdam’s Jewish Historical Museum.

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Next stop, New York!

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A pair of spirited talks with Forward arts and culture editor Dan Friedman wrapped up the incredible Toronto run of Graphic Details last night.  We want to share infinite gratitude with the Koffler Centre of the Arts, which presented Graphic Details as part of its Koffler Gallery Off-Site program.

Our next stop:  New York, where Graphic Details will open in October at Yeshiva University Museum.

See you there!