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“Will More Animated Film Options Mean More Female-Oriented Films?”

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Forbes, of all places, just ran this smart essay on the dearth of “high-quality animated films with female leads, with female writers and directors.”  More

“Women in Comics: A Roundtable about the ‘Geek Girl’ Phenomenon”

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We just came across this terrific roundtable discussion at ComicsAlliance:

“We decided to assemble several of the most prominent women in comics media to talk about the geek girl phenomenon, how things have changed (or not) over the last couple decades, and the way women in comics are regarded by the mainstream media, superhero comics, and other female fans.

ComicsAlliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson teamed up with Blair Butler, the host of G4’s Fresh Ink, Heidi MacDonald, the editor of The Beat, and Jill Pantozzi, a contributor to sites including Newsarama and Publishers Weekly to discuss.”  More.

Nice profile of “Strangers in Paradise” creator Terry Moore in Houston Chronicle

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Nice piece on Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore in the Houston Chronicle today.

Forward appoints cartoonist Eli Valley artist in residence

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Congratulations to cartoonist Eli Valley, who’s been named by the Forward as artist in residence for 2011-2012.

Editor Jane Eisner said it best this week: “His work is provocative and sometimes infuriating — Commentary called him “ferociously repugnant,” which I expect he takes as a compliment. His elaborately drawn, meticulously researched pieces hold an unsparing mirror before our community, allowing us to pierce hypocrisy and silliness, toward a better understanding of the Jewish condition in America today.”  What more can you ask for?

The Forward is the sponsor of Graphic Details… but you already knew that.

Coming soon: New “House of Twelve” comic, featuring latest installment of Miss Lasko-Gross’ epic “Henni”!

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Finally… Expect another comic next month from House of Twelve, the fearsome collective that includes Graphic Details artist Miss Lasko-Gross.  It’ll include a long-awaited new installment of her sci-fi epic Henni.  Can’t wait!

When Fangirls Attack!

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No week is complete without When Fangirls Attack!, the fantastic blog that scopes out “articles on gender in comics and comics fandom.”  More

“Dummies” cartoonist has illustrated nearly 1800 titles

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OK, so he’s not a woman, and doesn’t sound Jewish.  But we couldn’t resist this story about Richard Tennant, the cartoonist who’s illustrated just about every For Dummies book in the series – nearly 1800 of them.  Read more.