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J Weekly cover story on Graphic Details wins Excellence award from American Jewish Press Association!

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Mazel tov to Rachel Leibold, whose terrific cover story on Graphic Details in JWeekly – the leading Jewish weekly in Northern California – scored a first place award today for Excellence in Writing about Women from the American Jewish Press Association!  Read Rachel’s piece here.

While we’re at it…. Our sponsor, the Forward, took home a ton of awards, including Excellence in Single Commentary, Excellence in Editorial Writing, Excellence in Photography, and Outstanding Website.

That’s a lot of Excellence!

“Batgirl – An Icon Returns”

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So she’s not Jewish.  It’s a big deal anyway.

From SheWired:  “It looks like things have come full circle for the first female of the Bat-family. The most iconic version of Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, will be retuning to comics with her own monthly title in September.”

The character “remained a strong female force in the Batcave for several years until she was shot through the spinal cord by the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke. Although Barbara survived, her injury left her paralyzed from the waist down—ending her tour of duty as Batgirl.”


It’s a bird! It’s a plane!!! It’s… Oh. It’s Madonna.

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We will not editorialize about the fact that Madonna‘s the heroine of a new comic in the Female Force series.  You can draw your own conclusions:

“The one-shot issue — due out in August for $3.99 and written by C.W. Cooke and drawn by Michael Johnson — will look at Madonna’s life as it transformed from a little-known singer into a multimillion-record-selling entertainer and trendsetter.”

More at the Boston Globe.

Fewer women creating comics at DC?

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Take a minute to read this thread about the shortage of women in comics on Bleeding Cool News.  It was inspired by the reduction in female creators at DC Comics.  Find it here.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Foreskin Man!

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One cartoon we won’t be reading:  Foreskin Man, the creepy, crypto-anti-Semitic, down-with-circumcision comic.  Judge for yourself.

Webcomic “The Rack” offers “sensitivity training for bad comics retailers”

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Do comics stores suck when it comes to treatment of women customers?

For sure, according to this PSA-type strip from webcomic The Rack.

More at ComicsAlliance.

Breaking news: DC women to wear pants!

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This just in from BleedingCool:

“There is an editorial edict for the DC Comics superlaunch that their female superheroes wear more… practical clothing.

“So Wonder Woman gets to keep her trousers. But the likes of Supergirl will be redesigned so they aren’t running around in a little skirt flashing their panties at every available opportunity either. Female superhero characters will have their legs covered.

“They can still wear tightblack PVC, but gone are the days when the uniforms informed you whether or not your favourite superheroine had undergone special shaving.”