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Check us out on Yeshiva U Museum’s web site!

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A nice blurb about Graphic Details is up on Yeshiva University Museum‘s web site.  We open there on September 22.  And if you haven’t seen the Forward‘s page about the show, check it out!

In the (recording) studio with Laurie Sandell

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The extremely fabulous Laurie Sandell joined us in the Forward’s recording studio today to voice over pages from her acclaimed debut graphic novel The Impostor’s Daughter.  We’re proud to feature original pages from the book as part of Graphic Details.

Laurie’s voice, as well as the voices of several artists, will become part of a very cool interactive feature in our Yeshiva University Museum run.  Stay tuned.

Thanks to the Forward‘s Nate Lavey for the photo.  The Forward, as you know, is our sponsor.

Katin, Lasko-Gross, Schrag, Weinstein: Yeshiva U. Museum to host all-star “Graphic Details” panel, Sunday, October 23

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It’s a couple months away, but we’re so excited about our all-star lineup for a panel on Sunday, October 23 that we had to share.

Miriam Katin, Miss Lasko-Gross, Ariel Schrag, and Lauren Weinstein will join a moderator TBA at Yeshiva University Museum for what promises to be an amazing evening.

Stay tuned for details!

September 22 opening for “Graphic Details” at NYC’s Yeshiva University Museum

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Mark your calendars, set your iPhones, etc… Graphic Details will open September 22 at NYC’s Yeshiva University Museum, 15 W. 16th Street in Manhattan.

The Forward is the sponsor of Graphic Details, and has generously published our beautiful catalog.

Coming to San Diego ComicCon: “Jews ‘n’ Comics: A Past & Present History”

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San Diego ComicCon takes place in a couple of weeks.  Organizers have unveiled a huge array of programming, including this intriguing “Jews-and-comics” session on Sunday 7/24:

“12:00-1:00 Jews ‘n’ Comics: A Past & Present History— From Ben Grimm to The Golem and more, comic book historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) surveys the specifically Jewish creation of the American superhero and its antecedents in older, ancient myths, as well as the significant contributions Jews have made to the evolution of comic book art in the 20th and 21st centuries — including his own superhero creation, Captain Israel!”

More at ComicBookResources.

“Where have Jewish villains gone?”

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Shylock, Magneto….. They just don’t make Jewish villains they way they used to, says YNetNews.

Miriam Katin among luminaries profiled in Kurt Anderson/Sarah Burstein’s “Spark”

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Mazel tov to Graphic Details artist Miriam Katin, one of the luminaries in Spark, a new book in which NPR Studio 360 host Kurt Anderson and producer Julie Burstein talk to artists about the creative process.

Miriam sounds shocked that she’s included in such illustrious company (Chuck Close, Isabel Allende, Patty Lupone, others). We’re not.  More