Vanessa Davis (USA) began cartooning after years of studying fine arts.  Fearless and very funny, her early black-and-white work laid naked her fantasies, insecurities — and her body.  More recently, as a regular contributor to Tablet and Nextbook online, Davis mixes present-day accounts of herself, friends and family with memories of growing up suburban and Jewish.   An Ignatz Award nominee for Spaniel Rage, her first book, the Santa Rosa-based artist just released Make Me a Woman, published by Drawn & Quarterly.  Spanielrage.com

Bernice Eisenstein (Canada) combined written autobiography and precisely observed comics to create the award-winning 2006 graphic memoir I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (McClelland &Stewart Ltd.).  Through her eyes, the book captures the singular, insular, Yiddish-shrouded world of Holocaust survivors and their offspring.  Canada’s National Film Board recently produced an animated short film based on the book, whose roster of honors includes a Canadian Jewish Book Award in 2007, nomination for the 20th annual Trillium Book Award, and selection as a 2006 Borders Original Voices Non-Fiction Finalist.   Eisenstein has enjoyed a distinguished career as an illustrator in Toronto.  Most recently, she created a set of drawings in response to the work of Charlotte Salomon for an exhibition at Amsterdam’s Jewish Historical Museum.

Sarah Glidden (USA) began her 2007 minicomic How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less as a self-published ‘zine inspired by a Birthright trip to Israel. Her clean, simple lines belie a rare depth surrounding personal and political issues.  After rave reviews, an expanded How to Understand… will be published by DC Comics imprint Vertigo in November 2010.  Glidden has won a prestigious Ignatz Award for “Most Promising New Talent” as well as a Masie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration, recognizing creators of self-published work. smallnoises.com

Miriam Katin, (USA) created the acclaimed Holocaust autobiography We Are On Our Own (Drawn & Quarterly), as well as comics including Eucalyptus Nights and Curried Away. Her work has been nominated for an Eisner Award (Best Short Story 2002) and earned The Inkpot Award (Comic-Con International, 2007), The Grand Prix de la Critique 2008 from France’s ACBD, l’Association des Critiques et Journalistes de Bande Dessinee (Association of Journalists and Reviewers of Comics).  Using both careful and loose pencil work, Katin keeps her very personal story emotively intimate; her published works retain the soft marks and qualities of her originals. An exception among the “Graphic Details” artists, Katin published her first autobiographical works later in life after a thriving career as a background artist for Jumbo Pictures, MTV Animation and Disney Studio.  miriamkatin.com

Miss Lasko-Gross (USA) has earned a huge following and wide critical acclaim for her stark diaristic comics A Mess of Everything, and Escape from ‘Special’ (Fantagraphics).  Mixing blunt realism with highly stylized memories and acerbic humor, Gross’ work exposes her insecurities and outsiderness as a child and teen.  Escape from ‘Special’ was nominated for a 2008 YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) award; ComicCritique.com named Lasko-Gross its Writer/Artist of the Year in April 2010.  She lives in New York, where she is currently working on Henni, a serialized adventure for the Comixology iPhone app from the House of Twelve comics collective.  misslaskogross.com

Sarah Lazarovic (Canada) is one of the few comics artists who use a diaristic format to create editorial cartoons. While commenting on issues of the day for Canada’s National Post, the Toronto Star, and the Ottawa Citizen, she also provides a glimpse of her life with husband Ben Errett.  With both of them as characters, their debates often form the core of Lazarovic’s pointed observations.  For her first book-length project, Lazarovic’s now working on an autobiographical comic about pregnancy.  SarahL.com

Miriam Libicki, (Canada) uses a sensuous drawing style to illustrate harsh truths.  jobnik!, which she has been writing and self-publishing since 2003, examines sexual, religious, and personal politics as reflected in her experiences in the Israeli army.  The series has received exceptional critical notices.  Among her other work is the cover of an acclaimed scholarly text, The Jewish Graphic Novel:  Critical Approaches, which includes her drawn essay, “Jewish Memoir Goes Pow! Zap! Oy!”  Libicki works as an illustrator in Vancouver. Realgonegirl.com

Sarah Lightman (UK) studied at The Slade School of Art, for her BA and MFA, where she first started her visual diary of her life. She has had three solo shows of her artwork featuring her unsuccessful love life and strained friendships in the UK. Sarah is researching a PhD in Autobiographical Comics at The University of Glasgow and last year chaired ‘Women in Comics’ a one day conference at the The University of Cambridge. She co-chairs ‘Laydeez do Comics’, an autobiographical comics forum in London, and has published a number of articles in comics journals.  She is a co-curator of “Graphic Details”.  SarahLightman.com

Diane Noomin (USA) is a pioneer in women’s comics.  She helped launch Wimmen’s Comix in the 1970s and Twisted Sisters in the 1980s.  With her iconic DiDi Glitz character as a doggedly optimistic suburban alter ego, Noomin has also published sharply observed, moving, and acidly funny diaristic comics about subjects from growing up in Brooklyn to miscarrying a baby.  She has been nominated for Harvey and Eisner Awards and was given the Ink Pen Award in 1994.  DianeNoomin.com

Corinne Pearlman (UK) first “played the Jewish card” when asked to contribute to The Jewish Quarterly in 1992. Since 2002 she has contributed regular strips to the magazine on that theme, exploring her role in assimilated Anglo-Jewry as a “non-Jewish Jew”. Her discovery of so many other cartoonists better-qualified for the task of confessional cartooning on Jewish matters was the subject of a recent strip on Graphic Details. She works with UK publishers Comic Company and Myriad Editions. ComicOpera.com

Trina Robbins ( USA ) has been called “the very first female underground comic artist”. In 1970 she produced ‘It Ain’t Me, Babe’ the first underground comic written and drawn solely by women. She was also one of the founders of the first on-going all-woman comix title Wimmen’s Comix.  San Francisco-based Robbins is also a prolific author and “herstorian”.  She is an Inkpot award winner, an Eisner and Harvey nominee, and she was inducted into the Friends of Lulu Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame in 2001.  TrinaRobbins.com

Racheli Rottner (Israel) studied at Israel’s Beit Berl College of Art and has taught art and graphic fiction in schools and museums. Her first graphic novel is the autobiographical The Other Side of the World (Babel).  Rottner’s work’s also been widely published and exhibited in Israel.  With a plethora of visual jokes, her cleverly drawn work reminds the viewer of all the opportunities comics have to play with both word and image. This black-and-white autobiography combines memories and fantasy, dark wit and surreal humor. DocStoc.com

Sharon Rudahl (USA) was one of the first women to have work published in underground comix.  Ahead of her time both socially and within the world of comics, Rudahl was also part of the Wimmen’s Comix collective from its inception in 1972. Her work draws on personal experiences to comment on social and sexual mores.  In 1980, she released her own comic, Adventures of Crystal Night. In 2007, she published a graphic biography of Emma Goldman, A Dangerous Woman. More at Lambiek.net

Laurie Sandell (USA) turned a quest for truth about her father into The Impostor’s Daughter: A True Memoir (Little Brown & Co.) in 2009.  The first-time cartoonist’s straightforward, honest style matches the book’s frank tone and sense of self-discovery.  Both her insight and humor are ruthless.  Sandell is a contributing editor at Glamour, and has written for Esquire, GQ, New York, and InStyle.  The Impostor’s Daughter, which was nominated for a 2010 Eisner Award, was published in paperback by Back Bay Books in July 2010. LaurieSandell.com

Ariel Schrag (USA) is an Eisner Award nominee for the watershed autobiographical graphic novels Awkward, Definition, Potential, and Likewise (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster), which chronicle her four years at Berkeley High School in California. The series is in development as a feature film.  With humor and honesty, her books share the travails of growing up and coming out, along with the pain of divorce, the breakdown of relationships, and adolescent obsessions. Schrag’s knowledge of complex graphic narrative is masterful; she effortlessly toggles between styles to characterize day-to-day encounters.  Schrag also edited and contributed to the comics anthology Stuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age (Viking). She now writes the online comic Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything with her friend Kevin Seccia.  Schrag, who wrote for the hit Showtime series The L Word, is also a writer for the HBO series How to Make It in America.  ArielSchrag.com

Lauren Weinstein, (USA) draws herself as a wide-eyed, wild-haired child and teen in her hilarious, self-savaging comics about growing up suburban.  Her first solo comic, the Xeric Foundation Award-winning Inside Vineyland, was published in 2003. In 2004, she received the Ignatz award for “Promising New Talent.” Girl Stories (Henry Holt), her hilarious second collection, appeared in 2006. Her comics and illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Glamour, McSweeney’s, LA Weekly, The Chicago Reader, Kramer’s Ergot, and Seattle’s The Stranger. Weinstein published the genre-smashing Goddess of War in 2008.  She’s now working on her next book-length autobiographical comic. LaurenWeinstein.com

Ilana Zeffren (Israel) is the author of Sipur Varod- Pink Story, an autobiographical history of gay culture in Israel.  Zeffren also writes a weekly comics column in an Israeli entertainment magazine.  Called Rishumon, or “sketches”, the column portrays life with her girlfriend and two ‘talking’ cats.  With her clever use of design and combination of media, Zeffren narrates stories that are personal, humorous and topical. More at Flickr.


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  1. I am really impressed by the group of artists assembled here and so glad to be included.

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